What is an Accredited Plant Locator (APL)?

This is the name given to a utility locator or service locator, someone whom locates underground infrastructure.

What should I do?

The Customer should first get a clear understanding of their site boundaries- where exactly is their search area.

Then you should contact Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) via phone, internet or a smartphone app, or we can do it for you.

Phone 1100, or navigate to http://1100.com.au/

You will receive an enquiry confirmation e-mail showing the area you requested, and a list of the utility providers.

Next, ensure the search area is correct and that you receive all of the plans from the providers listed.

Now, you are ready to contact an Accredited Plant Locator (APL).

Note that DBYD plans are known as Class D information as per AS5488.  This is the lowest of the four quality levels.

An APL can assist you in bettering the information you have, and much more accurately identifying where and what is in the search area.